Ria Jones: 'Understudying Glenn Close was the best decision of my career'
5 minutes with Gethin Anthony: 'I cried when I got a call from the RSC'
5 minutes with Jay Taylor: 'I walk out of shows at the interval with my head in my hands'
5 minutes with Ella Purnell: 'Natives is draining, I've never worked so hard in my life'
5 minutes with Richard Harris: 'Dog Ends is is a totally different play to Stepping Out'
5 minutes with Catherine Russell: 'No one is safe in What the Butler Saw'
5 minutes with Vicky McClure: 'We don't take no bullshit in Nottingham'
5 minutes with Jeany Spark: 'Acting is such a weird way to spend your life'
5 minutes with Summer Strallen: 'I was definitely a tag-along little sister'
5 minutes with Gabriel Vick: 'I needed to do Promises, Promises'
5 minutes with Joel Fry: 'Actors have taught me what not to do'
5 minutes with The Weir's Orla Fitzgerald: 'I've had to work harder to prove myself'
5 minutes with: Tom Bateman – 'Josie Rourke cast me while I was still in school'
5 minutes with playwright Nick Dear: 'I’d love people to go home arguing about Dedication'
5 minutes with: Julie Legrand – 'I went from walk-on to leading part in two months'
5 minutes with: Anna Martine – 'This is all I could ask for as an actor'
5 minutes with: Obioma Ugoala – 'It's a lot of pressure playing Smokey Robinson'
5 minutes with – Tamla Kari: 'I might end up working behind a bar again'
5 minutes with: Elliot Levey – 'It was comforting being in a straitjacket during The Ruling Class'
5 minutes with: Ron Cook – 'I was done with Shakespeare but then Grandage called me up'
5 minutes with Sean McGinley: 'TV isn't about dumbing down anymore'
5 minutes with: Naomi Frederick – 'It was brave to put Made in Dagenham straight into the West End'
5 minutes with: Helen McCrory – 'We've become too reverent with Rattigan'
5 minutes with: Issy Van Randwyck – 'It took 19 years to get The Go-Between onstage'