Devil with the Blue Dress' Daniella Isaacs: a week in the life

The actress plays Monica Lewinsky in the upcoming production at the Bunker Theatre

Daniella Isaacs in Devil with the Blue Dress
Daniella Isaacs in Devil with the Blue Dress
© Helen Murray

1998 saw one of the biggest sex scandals in political history – the infamous encounter between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Creating a huge media circus, two decades later the event is still a hot topic and more relevant than ever.

The saga is now encapsulated on stage in the new all-female production of Kevin Armento's Devil with the Blue Dress at the Bunker Theatre, directed by the venue's artistic director Joshua McTaggart. Following the lives of five of the women closest to the scandal, we got Daniella Isaacs (who takes on the part of Lewinsky herself) to give us a look at the show as it enters its preview week.

A Fresh Start Every Morning

DI: "The director (Joshua McTaggart) tells you the moment you walk into the rehearsal room, you leave all your problems outside. Well what I’ve found works better is to announce all your problems first – get it off your chest and then begin. It’s a safe space after all, right?


DI: Taking an interest in the other departments. Creative conversations on sound specifically. We’re actually just telling the director that the cue for the sax needs to be later when I say a different line….

Quench that thirst

DI: We take regular tea and rest breaks to help digest what we’ve just rehearsed. The play is physically and mentally demanding, so these tea breaks help massively as we come back to the work refreshed. I take mine with extra sugar and semi-skimmed milk. Shout out to Oberon for being the play’s publisher!


DI: We are tested learning lines through various means. I prefer to be tested whilst in semi-supine position. Feels more dramatic!

Costume fitting

DI: I can’t wait to channel Monica Lewinsky in a salmon pantsuit! Bring it on.

Yoga cool down

DI: The director is a yoga freak so we cool down by doing various yoga poses as a company. My fave is child’s pose.


DI: A daily pep talk in the mirror is key.

Learning lines

DI: Actors who learn lines together, stay together.

Devil With The Blue Dress runs from 3 April to 28 April with previews from now.