Punk-infused Electra at Bunker Theatre: first listen

Dumbwise Theatre bring an actor-musician version of the Euripides play to the Bunker

Dumbwise Theatre is presenting a fresh take on the Euripides classic in this new, punk-inspired version of Electra, opening at the Bunker Theatre.

Directed and adapted by John Ward, the show is a revenge tragedy with a small family locked in political turmoil. The cast of actor-musicians will perform live during the production, with a number of original songs created for the show.

Described by Ward as being inspired by Tarantino and punk, the show promises to be a fresh take on an age-old tale.

The show stars Lydia Lawson, Dario Coates, Matt Brewer, Dean Graham, Megan Leigh Mason, Samuel Martin and Sian Martin.

Electra runs at Bunker Theatre from 1 March to 24 March with previews from now.