What's In My Dressing Room? – The Wild Party's Bronté Barbé

Ahead of ”The Wild Party” opening at The Other Palace next week, Bronté Barbé takes us backstage at the rebranded theatre

Bronté Barbé is currently appearing in The Wild Party which opens The Other Palace (formerly the St James Theatre) next week. She was one of the final ten contestants on Andrew Lloyd Webber's Over the Rainbow which set out to find the Dorothy for his production of The Wizard of Oz.

Her theatre credits include Shrek, Carnival of the Animals and Hairspray.

Barbé took us backstage at the newly rebranded The Other Palace to show us what she had in her dressing room.

The Treats

BB: I can't get through a show without a brew. Tea in the dressing room is a must, and emergency sugar! I'm a sucker for a sweet treat.

The Dressing Gown

BB: My subtle dressing gown is a must for chilly theatres.

The Make Up

BB: I don't wear a lot of make up in The Wild Party but I am incapable of packing light. So I always have a full kit with me!

The Lucky Scarf

BB: My lucky scarf is always in my dressing room. It's my mum's and I kept it with me on Over the Rainbow, I feel strangely calmer if it's close by.

The Girls

BB: The girls in my dressing room! Sometimes it gets a little cosy but I couldn't get through the show without them. They are an incredible bunch of powerhouse ladies.

The Wild Party runs at The Other Palace until 1 April.

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