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New 'choose-your-own' musical set to debut online following collaboration between companies

The new ”Marathon Project” will kick off next month

A group of The Marathon Project collaborators
A group of The Marathon Project collaborators

A new initiative has been set up by a variety of musical companies – Burnt Lemon, Spitlip, Sheep Soup, The Letter Room and Maimuna Memon.

Aiming to create a new 'choose your own adventure' experience, scratch material will be presented remotely at the Lowry's Musical Rewrites, on the 10 November. The project is based on the infamous 1904 Olympic Marathon, described as "the strangest ever" (seriously, look it up!).

Though already a few months into its development, the project are looking for creatives to take part and bolster the "Choose Your Own" experience for online users.

Natasha Hodgson from Spitlip said: "We're sick of not making stuff, we're tired of waiting for someone else to give us permission, and now more than ever, we want to burst open what musicals are and who
can make them. The blossoming musical theatre scene in the UK is exciting, passionate
and inspiring, and goddammit, we're not going down without a fight."

Further details are to be revealed – you can find out more at