Jonny Awsum: Sexy Noises (Edinburgh Fringe)

Jonny Awsum provides a night of top quality musical comedy

Before I start this review I should offer a small disclaimer. Several years ago, at the beginning of Jonny Awsum's career as a comedian, I booked him for a comedy club I used to run. I loved his style so much that when I saw he was performing at the fringe I was desperate to see him, and I'm glad I did.

Sexy Noises is 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun. As you walk in you are asked your name which is written on a sticker and stuck proudly on your chest like a walking Starbucks Coffee cup. Awsum then uses these to 'pick' out audience members throughout his show, starting with his first song "47 People in the Audience" in which he endeavours to welcome everyone to the show by name. Alas, there turns out to be more people than he had expected, regardless it's a great way to get the crowd on board from the off.

This show relies on a hefty amount of audience participation, from playing air guitar to jigging on stage with a pipe, Awsum is a master manipulator and knows just how to get the audience on his side and stay there. Whilst his real talent, writing and performing parodies, tends to take a backseat to his witty banter, there are some real gems including a version of a Take That song reimagined on a one night stand and an ode to his hometown Croydon.

If you want to see something unlike anything else at the Fringe, then get practising your donkey sex noises and head on down to the Gilded Balloon.

Jonny Awsum: Sexy Noises runs at the Gilded Balloon until 24 August.