Change is afoot at WhatsOnStage… 

We’re making a few changes over the next day or so

The Prince of Wales Theatre ahead of the 22nd Annual WhatsOnStage Awards
(© Danny Kaan)


Here at WOS we’re always keen to make sure our site and various channels are operating as smoothly and effectively as possible – delivering the best experience for both avid and casual theatre fans.

Which means from time-to-time we need a bit of an overhaul! After many years of prep, that time has finally come – from later today we’re transitioning to a new content management system that should make our site more dynamic, flexible and inviting for WOS users.

With that in mind, over the next 24-48 hours we’ll be replatforming some of our back-end publishing tools – which may result in some funky site experiences while we fine-tune our output. From there, we’ll begin to introduce new features, re-designed pages, increased accessibility and more – all to further service our readers and highlight the amazing theatre on show across the UK.

So if there’s anything that seems a bit awry – please don’t worry – we are going to be beavering away fixing things. Though hopefully, you’ll not notice any difference (except maybe some new fonts!).

– Alex Wood, managing editor