Bond! (Edinburgh Fringe)

Ian Fleming’s famous creation gets a tame satirical treatment

James Bond offers a generous target for satire, though this tame show struggles to find the bullseye.

Written and performed by Gavin Robertson, it has something of the feel of an extended version of Alan Partridge’s infamous performance of the opening credits of The Spy Who Loved Me.

Robertson kicks things off by miming a title sequence in similar fashion to Partridge, before taking us on an adventure encompassing all the classic Bond movie motifs, from Miss Moneypenny and Q Branch to a cat-stroking nemesis.

Along the way we meet love interest (wait for it) Honeydew Melons, and the show gets somewhat meta with the introduction of Bond author Ian Fleming, whose plot to write his hero to death is neatly foiled.

Robertson is an experienced parodist – he's previously spoofed Ray Harryhausen’s animations and the Westerns, among others – and clearly knows his subject. But considering the wealth of material offered by Britain's favourite spy, it’s a shame he’s chosen to simply rehash the cliches we all know so well.

Bond! runs at Zoo Venues until 24 August