Behind the scenes at the new Marble Arch Theatre

See the revolutionary stage design in action for ”Five Guys Named Moe”

Five Guys Named Moe has its opening night this week, so we went in to chat to production manager James Oakley about the unprecedented stage design situated in a unique spot – at the heart of Marble Arch roundabout.

Directed by Clarke Peters (The Wire, Treme, Person of Interest, Porgy and Bess), Five Guys Named Moe is performed in the round for the first time, with audiences able to take their seats at the cabaret tables in the Funky Butt Club and have drinks served directly to their tables.

You can read our interview with Peters here.

Edward Baruwa plays Nomax, and the Moes are played by Ian Carlyle (Four-Eyed Moe), Dex Lee (Know Moe), Idriss Kargbo (Little Moe), Timothy Martin (Big Moe) and Emile Ruddock (Eat Moe).

The musical features jazz hits including "Early In The Morning", "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby", "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" and "Saturday Night Fish Fry".

The show has musical staging and choreography by Andrew Wright inspired by Charles Augins' original choreography, set and costume design by takis, lighting design by Philip Gladwel and sound design by Ben Harrison.

Five Guys Named Moe runs at the Marble Arch Theatre until February 2018.

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