A few of my favourite things: Billy Elliot's Redmand Rance

In our most adorable ”favourite things” yet, Redmand talks about ”I’m a Celebrity” and holidays in Florida

Redmand Rance as Billy Elliot
Redmand Rance as Billy Elliot
© Alastair Muir

12 year old Redmand Rance plays the title role in the hit musical Billy Elliot. He also played Young Cosmo in Singin’ in the Rain at the Palace Theatre in 2012.

So Redmand, what/who is your favourite…

TV Programme?

My favourite TV programme is I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – I really enjoyed the last series – I like watching them eating all those bugs and insects!

Thing to do in your time off?

When I have time off, I really love to spend it with family and friends and I also really like to play golf!


I enjoy the Alex Rider series of books, I have read a few of them and out of the ones I have read – Skeleton Key is my favourite.

Holiday destination?

It would definitely be Florida because of the theme parks, I love going on rollercoaster’s and things like that – and because of the hot weather!

Play/Musical that you have seen?

I really enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and thought all the colourful props were brilliant.

Scene in Billy Elliot?

My favourite scene in Billy Elliot is "Expressing Yourself", because it is the big number that Billy Elliot performs with his best friend Michael – and it’s so much fun to perform!

Theatre to visit?

I don’t get to go to the theatre much while I am performing in Billy Elliot but I’d really like to go to the New London Theatre to see War Horse


Peter Darling because of all the fantastic shows he has choreographed like Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – and of course the best one Billy Elliot!