Watch Offside by Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish

Tanya-Loretta Dee and Jessica Butcher perform a section of ”Offside”, currently running at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tanya-Loretta Dee and Jessica Butcher perform a snippet of Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish's new play, Offside, which is currently running at Pleasance Courtyard at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In the video above we also talk to the cast including Daphne Kouma about the piece and what appealed to them about it.

Offside tells the story of four women in football through the ages. From 1892 to 2017, spoken word artists Mahfouz and McNish present a story of women's achievements in the beautiful game throughout history.

Offside runs at the Pleasance Courtyard at 15.40 until 28 August.

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