Rocky Horror Show (Wolverhampton)

The Rocky Horror Show’s 40th Anniversary tour comes to an end this week at the Wolverhampton Grand. Kieran Johnson reviews.

Oliver Thornton as Frank-n-Furter
Oliver Thornton as Frank-n-Furter

The superstar cast of The Rocky Horror Show deliver the 40th birthday in a perfect celebration, showing the score is still as fresh as ever, with a legion of fans who adore Richard O'Brien's masterpiece musical.

The immensely talented Oliver Thornton delivers an impeccable and stand-out performance as Frank-n-Furter. Performing as one of the country's leading West End men, his characterisation of Frank pays off and, while still remaining at the core of the show, his somewhat warm nature shines through, adding a welcome dimension to the energetic persona of the elaborate character. Thornton's incredible vocals are a delight; in particular during the crowd pleasing "Sweet Transvestite" and "I'm Going Home" his stage presence is mesmerising.

Brad (Ben Forster) and Janet (Dani Harmer) are a naïve couple who Forster and Harmer make their own in a sweet and vulnerable way, demonstrating such in their opener "Damnit Janet". "Once In A While" is a personal highlight which allows Forster (of Jesus Christ Superstar fame) to make his mark on this iconic character. His diverse voice and acting ability shine throughout the show making him the perfect Brad Majors.

Even 40 years after its premiere, the show still manages to sell out theatres. A terrific five star production of a terrific five star musical, so dig out those fishnets and time warp down to Wolverhampton Grand as this production ends its current tour in the city.