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Storyhouse Chester unveils plans for 'largest ever' summer season

The venue will be back in action!

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre
Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre
© Mark McNulty

Storyhouse in Chester has unveiled plans for a new season of work ready to commence in May.

The venue, which managed to run both a socially distanced summer season and a four-week production of A Christmas Carol in 2020, will return with a variety of outdoor cinema events taking place across weeks and months. The theatre will also open Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre earlier than normal – potentially as early as 22 May. Last year the venue played host to a revival of The Comedy of Errors.

Andrew Bentley, Storyhouse's CEO said: "Spring is finally here and looking back we've had about as good a year as we could manage. The difference has been the incredible help from our community, including over 5,000 who have joined as members and as regular donors. We've raised over £2.5m in this last year to keep us afloat. This support is still crucial to our survival and we are so thankful. We brought some joy at Christmas and now we are about to embark on our longest summer ever."

Full details of the programme will be announced in the coming weeks .

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