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Reports of a fire at London's Windmill Theatre

The London Fire Brigade was called to the Windmill Theatre this evening

Reports have come in from the public of a fire at the Windmill Theatre in London.

According to eye witnesses, Shaftesbury Avenue was blocked with fire engines heading to Windmill Street from 6pm this evening. There have been unconfirmed reports of smoke coming from the basement of the theatre. The London Fire Service has confirmed the fire has been put out.

The Windmill Theatre on Great Windmill Street was known for many years as a variety and revue theatre. It was home to the Windmill Girls, inspired by the Folies Bergere and the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The theatre is famous for its motto "We Never Closed", which referred to the fact that the theatre remained open throughout World War II, apart from a compulsory closure.

Laura Henderson renamed the theatre the Windmill and re-opened it in 1931. The theatre was the inspiration for the musical film Mrs Henderson Presents and is now home to table dancing shows.