Philip Olivier chats about Snow White and the joy of pantomimes

The Liverpudlian actor is in Manchester this Christmas, alongside Priscilla Presley, Warwick Davis and Tam Ryan to star in ”Snow White.” We catch up with him.

The panto Snow White is a big show. Are you looking forward to it?

Philip Olivier at the press launch of Snow White.
Philip Olivier at the press launch of Snow White.
© Phil Tragen

Totally. Christmas doesn’t start for me until panto begins. Especially this one, in one of the best theatres in the country with an all-star cast.

What do you enjoy about performing to family audiences?

I love trying to bring the comedy across to all ages. It is thrilling when it works. Even better when it goes wrong!

This time of year, pantomimes are everywhere. Why do you think they continue to be popular?

It is a family day out during this festive time. Most importantly it brings children into the theatre for the first time, and long may it continue.

What do you see as the secret to a good panto?

To keep the adults entertained as much as the children, as well as driving the story through seamlessly.

Is there anything you are dying to ask your co-star Priscilla Presley?

Yes of course! But hopefully my ‘thought colander’ kicks in!

How do you keep your energy levels up with so many shows?

Coffee…and the energy from a lively audience always helps!

What are your plans for Christmas, albeit short, as you are working?

Spending it with the family, and the new arrival, my newly-born son, Oscar

How would you sell the show to someone who has never seen a panto before?

A festive treat for all ages. Love tears and laughter to set your festive holidays alight.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is at the Manchester Opera House from 5 December – 4 January.