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New Six-Person Venue Arch468 Opens in Brixton

Arch468, a new London theatre space, is set to stage Caryl Churchill’s Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? (17 February – 22 March) as its first long-run stage performance. The venue boasts a unique set-up in that it houses only six audience members at any one time.

Drunk Enough, directed by Hester Chillingworth, features a cast of four who put on not one, but five, performances per night. With just ten people filling the space including the actors, viewers are afforded a uniquely intimate experience.

The six-seat venue is a refurbished railway arch and previously offered housing for new artists to share developing projects through such workshops as makeworkone and the monthly Show Us Yer Bits.

Through combined efforts, these workshops have produced a full-length adaptation of Caryl Churchill’s text. This production follows a series of fights and reconciliations between two couples, bringing the audience along on the journey.

Arch468’s artistic director, Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, explained “Arch468 was conceived as a home for the development of new projects, a forum for discussion and space where new work could be produced that opens a dialogue with established theatre practice. That is why Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? is so exciting. It is a re-imaging of Caryl Churchill’s text that responds directly to the original Royal Court production.”

– by Katie Blemler