Making Love (Kings Arms, Salford)

Joanna Ing finds this quirky play about loneliness, at the Kings Arms- very engaging.

Martin is in love with Amelia, so in love he hardly goes out preferring to stay in with her than to go to his neighbour Sophie’s parties. The hitch? Amelia isn’t real; she’s a life size doll.

Making Love
Making Love

Amie George, who also plays Amelia, has written a dark comedy, which explores why a man would choose to spend his life with a lifeless mannequin instead of flesh and blood. Martin agrees to let Thomas, a documentary filmmaker into his house so that he can explain his relationship with Amelia. It’s a decision, which of course backfires as he tries and fails to convince him of something that he doesn’t even fully understand.

Jamie Bukowski alternates between earnest and creepy as Martin. He is the sort of man who lacks self-awareness and Bukowski delivers the most humorous lines with a completely straight face. Quentin Surtel’s Thomas is initially the one the audience relates to as he questions Martin over the real reason for acquiring Amelia, but his smooth exterior hides a different sort of sleaziness.

Amie George was inspired to write Making Love after seeing a documentary on Channel 4 and you can see why, it is a fascinating subject.

The play lacks the twists or punch to make it completely stand out and its ending is slightly rushed, but it is still a witty little play about loneliness and the search for the ideal.

Making Love is at the Kings Arms, Salford until 5 December.