Lyndsy Fonseca: My first play, my first Edinburgh Fringe and my first job since becoming a first-time mother

The actress discusses her plans for the upcoming Scottish arts festival

Lyndsy Fonseca and Noah Bean
Lyndsy Fonseca and Noah Bean
© Elisabeth Caren

There aren't many things that surprise, or awaken, or quite frankly, entice me these days – not because I'm jaded, or a crank, or just a miserable person, but because I'm the exhausted mother of a very busy 18-month old. But that is all about to change.

Since age 14, I've worked continuously as an actress in film and television from soap operas to studio films and now – 18 years later – I'm embarking on an entire summer of first-time experiences: my first job since becoming a first-time mother, my first trip to Scotland, my first time to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and most importantly, my first play.

I've always loved the theatre, as an audience member and as the wife of a fellow actor, Noah Bean, who works consistently on the stage. I was a dancer growing up so I feel comfortable with a live audience but I'm curious what the experience will be like to perform the same play night after night and see how the show can grow and change over the course of a long run.

In an homage to the days of traveling vaudeville performers, this is a true family adventure

Four Woke Baes (a comedy by Jonathan Caren) questions pre-conceived ideas about intimacy, companionship and monogamy. The ultimate question for my character, Emma, is whether or not she will ever find the person who will live up to her expectations, or perhaps she isn't living up to her own expectations. Having the chance to spend weeks rehearsing the play and being given the space to dissect and open up a character is a new thrill which we aren't always given in film and television. I'm used to doing a scene two or three times – maybe even just once – and moving on to the next scene. I'm fascinated about the process of diving deep into this play with this fantastic cast and creative team. It's thrilling to imagine how we will find a way to keep this story fresh each night, as if it's happening for the first time, for each new audience.

Some other firsts for me this summer will be working opposite my husband on stage and braving international travel with our 18 month-old daughter. In an homage to the days of traveling vaudeville performers, this is a true family adventure – with my daughter and husband – and my mother-in-law, author Ruth W Crocker, taking on her new role as "nanny". I can't imagine a better place to experience all these firsts than the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a place that embraces people taking chances, trying out new things and the joy of creativity. As a mother, I try and teach my daughter to be brave and curious and enjoy all of her first moments. I'm looking forward to taking my own advice this summer.

Four Woke Baes runs at Underbelly Cowgate from 1 to 25 August