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National Theatre to remain closed until 30 June

The venue has updated its customers

National Theatre
National Theatre
© Philip Vile

The National Theatre will now remain closed until 30 June, the venue has announced today.

Though the Society of London Theatres has stated that theatres will definitely remain closed until 26 April (with further updates pending), the National has confirmed that the venue will remain shut until the end of June.

In an email the venue said: "Hopefully, you care as much about the National Theatre as we do: it is a hub of creativity, a place where ideas are born, nurtured and shared.

"COVID-19 has threatened our ability to do this, and there is no doubt that we are facing unprecedented challenges. If you are able to consider making a donation, it would be hugely appreciated."

The venue has just unveiled "National Theatre At Home", a scheme for bringing shows to YouTube for free.