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Wendy and Peter Pan revival casting announced

The show runs from next month in Leeds

Ami Okumura Jones, Amber James and Pierro Niel-Mee
Ami Okumura Jones, Amber James and Pierro Niel-Mee

Casting has been announced for Ella Hickson's Wendy and Peter Pan, which is being revived in time for Christmas at Leeds Playhouse.

Co-directed by Jonathan Munby and Rupert Hands, the piece runs from 18 November into January 2022 at the venerable theatre.

Co-produced with Bunkamura Theatre in Japan, the new production has designs by Colin Richmond and a score by Japanese composer, Shuhei Kamimura. The piece seeks to blend Japanese video artistry with the classic J M Barrie tale to provide a new take on the classic.

Munby explains: "We're thrilled to have assembled such a stellar cast for this new version of Wendy and Peter Pan in Leeds. A company that includes some of the country's finest performers, from some of the best local talent to familiar faces and rising stars. We are also very proud of the diversity represented by this incredibly talented company.

"This show comes hotfoot from Tokyo where it played alongside the Olympics to capacity audiences and rave reviews. It's a unique cultural hybrid of the very best creatives from both the UK and Japan. It's a production that has so far been a truly inspiring, international collaboration. We can't wait to share this fresh new reimagining of a classic with the Leeds audience this Christmas."

Appearing in the show will be Amber James (Wendy Darling), Pierro Niel Mee (Peter Pan), Hope Kenna (Tink), Ami Okumura Jones' (Tiger Lily), David Birrell (Hook/ Mr Darling) and Brian Lonsdale (Smee).

Completing the Darling family are Amy Rockson (Mrs Darling), Corey Montague-Sholay (John Darling), Stefan Race (Michael Darling) and David Carpenter (Tom Darling), while the Lost Boys will feature Callum Balmforth (Tooties), Richard Leeming (Slightly), James Stevenson (Curly), Thomas Pickles (Martin the Cabin Boy), Cassidy Little (Doc Swain), Hadley Smith (Knock-Bone Jones) and Ramône Dale-Cruickshank (Murt the Bat).

Also in the show are the "Shadows", who mould and craft the action. They are an ensemble composed of Jason Battersby, Peter Losasso, Kelvin Ade, Simone Lewis, Richard Peralta, Leon Smith and Xolani Crabtree.

Also on the creative team are choreographer Lucy Hind, lighting designer Oliver Fenwick, sound designer Chris Shutt, video designer Taiki Ueda, fight director Terry King, assistant director Ellie Taylor and casting director Annelie Powell CDG.