”Matilda”’s talented young movie ensemble – where you’ve seen them on stage

Meesha Garbett, Charlie Hodson-Prior
Meesha Garbett, Charlie Hodson-Prior
© Dan Smith/ Netflix

While we’ve already revealed a series of cameos from stage stars littered across the Matilda movie, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the young talent in the film.

As it turns out, many of those involved (including those performing Ellen Kane’s amazing choreography) have a series of stage credits to their names – some even being Matilda stage alumni themselves. A small shout-out has to go to Pam Gordon for her tireless work providing the information for these stars.

Amongst the named roles in the film, red-beret wearing Meesha Garbett (Hortensia) has previously appeared in the Cats movie and went viral in our recent TikTok clip from the film.

The scene-stealing (and cake-stealing!) Bruce performer Charlie Dodson-Prior is a former Gavroche on the Les Misérables tour, while Winter Jarrett Glasspool (Amanda Thripp) was in Identical. Andrei Shen (Eric) and Ashton Robertson (Nigel) can actually be seen right now in the West End – with Shen as Eric once more and Robertson as one of the Bruces!

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What’s important to state is that this talent isn’t cultivated in a vacuum – not only does it involve enormous perseverance and sacrifice from performers and their loved ones, but also relies upon sustained and strategic support from government through arts education funding.

This list is also a true reflection of the major interplay between stage and screen – when one thrives, so does the other. We’re a nation that can provide some of the most internationally renowned stars – as these youngsters prove.

So – who might have you seen from your theatre visits?

Charlie Gordon (School of Rock, The Nutcracker)
Marlie Olivia Love (Annie, Nativity)
Kit Cranston (Les Misérables, Bugsy Malone, Nativity!)
Rochelle Wyatt (Matilda, Nativity)
Jack Meredith (Leopoldstadt, Caroline, or Change, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
Asher Ezequiel (Matilda, Big, Nativity)
Riotafari Gardner (Tina, The Bodyguard, School of Rock, Matilda)
Andrei Shen (Matilda)
Carma Quaye (School of Rock)
Ava Rose Johnson (Billy Elliott, Nativity)
Madison Olatunji (Nativity)
Bryson Dekker (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat)
Orla McDonagh (Annie)
Lexi Sheppard (Les Misérables)
Bella Simmons (Matilda)
Maisie Mardle (Matilda)
Erin Rushidi (White Christmas, Matilda)
Jobe Hart (School of Rock, Matilda, Big, Sleepless)
Louis Tarplett (Joseph)
Joshua Moabi (Matilda, The Lion King)
Miah Hasselbaink (Tina)
Demi Delord (Nativity)
Toby Brandon (Matilda)
Jasmine Pottinger-Scott (The Lion King, Matilda)
Isla Brill (Les Misérables)
Poppy Caton (Matilda)
Lily Hanna (Matilda)
Yasmin Boys (Cat on A Hot Tin Roof)
Anna De Oliveira (Joseph)
Chantelle Tonolete (Matilda, Nativity)
Elizabeth Nurdin (The King and I)
Kingsley Campbell-Golding (Matilda)
Serrana Su-Ling Bliss (Les Mis, School of Rock)
Evie Gibson (The Sound of Music, Little Miss Sunshine, Nativity)
Leon Ung (Matilda, Snow White)
Rudy Gibson (Matilda)
Gabriel Payne (Bugsy Malone, Mary Poppins, A Christmas Carol, Les Miserables, Kinky Boots)
Sophie Hartley Booth (Little Miss Sunshine, Mary Poppins)
Lyla Toplass (Matilda, Annie, Nativity)
Daisy Jeffcoate (Identical)
Tia Isaac (Annie, Nativity, School of Rock, Matilda)
Izzy Billingham (Mary Poppins)
Keanna-Skye O’Quinn (Matilda, Joseph, Nativity)
Scarlett Weegram (Matilda)
Shana Diallo (Matilda)
Olivia Koczan (Billy Elliot)
Zian Desole (Nativity, Tina)
Sienna Clarke (Matilda)
Shanyia Tsoto (The Drifters Girl)
Lily Armitage (Matilda)
Laila Jones (Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel)
William Biletsky (Matilda)
Jaden Campbell (Matilda)
Summer Jenkins (To Kill A Mockingbird)
Bebe Massey (Les Mis, How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

Aiya Agustin (Matilda, Bonnie and Clyde)

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