Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream contestants – meet the remaining hopefuls

We give you the low down on each of the 14 contestants!

Zachkiel, Leah, Tobias, Darcy, Callum, Maddy, Stephanie, Stevie, Esme, Desmond, Owen, Marcellus, Craig, and Maisie, © Thames, ITV PLC
Zachkiel, Leah, Tobias, Darcy, Callum, Maddy, Stephanie, Stevie, Esme, Desmonda, Owen, Marcellus, Craig, and Maisie, © Thames, ITV PLC

Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream has hit TV screens, and it’s high time to introduce the 14 hopefuls battling for the roles of Sky and Sophie in the West End production of the ABBA show. Bear in mind – all 14 have already had to take on thousands of applicants just to get onto the TV!

We’ve already done a pretty comprehensive breakdown of what’s going on in the series here, but we thought a special look at each contestant would allow you to know who’s who and what they’re up to.

Here are the stars heading to your screens…

The Sophies


Leah ©Thames/ITV

During filming, Leah Rutherford was in her second year at drama school – so has yet to perform professionally.


Maddy ©Thames/ITV
Maddy ©Thames/ITV

Maddy Erzan-Essien graduated over the summer from Urdang.


Stephanie ©Thames/ITV
Stephanie ©Thames/ITV

Recent Guildford School of Acting (GSA) graduate Stephanie Costi has done a couple of pantomimes in Godalming and Harrogate, but to many was seen recently rocking the West End Live stage in a one-off number from hit musical Babies. 


Stevie ©Thames/ITV

Stevie Doc is a 2023 ArtsEd grad, and has yet to make her professional debut.


Esme ©Thames/ITV

2021 ArtsEd graduate Esme Bowdler has yet to make her professional debut but tackled a whole range of shows at ArtsEd, and before that appeared in choirs at prestigious events like the Olivier Awards and the special Gillian Lynne tribute in the West End.


Desmonda ©Thames/ITV

With an exciting career already unfurling, Desmonda Cathabel is set to play Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin in Edinburgh this autumn, with other credits including From Here To Eternity at Charing Cross Theatre and the special Sondheim gala last year at the Sondheim Theatre.


Maisie ©Thames/ITV

Maisie Waller hasn’t gone to drama school, but has a great channel of musical theatre covers – worth taking a listen!

The Skys


Owen ©Thames/ITV

Owen Johnston dueted to “Waterloo” alongside Zachkiel in episode one, and has recently graduated from Italia Conti with a BA in musical theatre. While training he played a very edgy Sweeney Todd, though this is a slightly different ask!


Zachkiel ©Thames/ITV

The second in the “Waterloo” duo is Zachkiel Smith, who went to the BRIT School before three years at Emil Dale Academy, where he completed training this summer. Performances so far include appearing in the concert staging of new musical Kin at The Other Palace.


Tobias ©Thames/ITV

Tobias Turley graduated from GSA in 2021 but has already made quite the name for himself, appearing in West Side Story in Ljubljana and, more recently, in the fan favourite Heathers the Musical as Kurt Kelly and the understudy JD. He was part of a lovely trio also including Craig and Marcellus.


Callum ©Thames/ITV

Rose Bruford graduate and actor/singer Callum Ravden, who hasn’t yet made his professional debut, brings a unique quality to his voice in the show, and dueted on “Knowing Me, Knowing You” with Darcy in the show.


Marcellus ©Thames/ITV

Marcellus Whyte was also part of the trio with Tobias and Craig, and graduated from Central School in 2023. Stage credits so far have included The Secret Life of Bees, Motown and The Lion King – so we expect exciting things and some impressive vocal discipline!


Darcy ©Thames/ITV

Styling himself as something of a cheeky chappy, Darcy James was the other half of “Knowing Me, Knowing You” with Callum. It’s hard to Google Darcy James, because if you type in “Darcy James musicals”, you get very little beyond references to Broadway legend Brian d’Arcy James. But, according to social media, he has done a special Taylor Swift cabaret recently, performing “Begin Again”. So Swifties unite!


Craig ©Thames/ITV

A Bat Out of Hell and School of Rock alum, Scottish actor Craig Watson is a 2018 GSA grad and, in the first episode, the third part of the performing trio with Marcellus and Tobias.

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