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Five compelling reasons to see The Girl Who Fell at Trafalgar Studios

We asked playwright Sarah Rutherford why you need to be excited about the show that’s making audiences laugh and faint

© Helen Maybanks
The Girl Who Fell currently plays to rave reviews from audiences and critics alike at the West End's Trafalgar Studios. In our ★★★★ review, we called it "a spellbinding watch" – read on to find out why playwright Sarah Rutherford thinks you need to see it too.

© Helen Maybanks

1. The cast

This is a unique chance to see well-known faces Claire Goose (Casualty, Waking the Dead), Navin Chowdhry (Teachers, Doctor Foster) and Rosie Day (Outlander) as you've never seen them before. All are at the top of their game in career-defining performances, and you won't want to miss the professional debut of phenomenal newcomer Will Fletcher, which is definitely an "I was there" moment.

© Helen Maybanks

2. The rollercoaster of emotions

In Trafalgar Studio 2, you're so close to these extraordinary actors that you feel like you're actually part of the action. It's an incredibly intimate space that makes for a really intense, completely immersive experience – so much so that we've had more than one audience member faint during a particularly hair-raising scene. In spite of the dark subject matter, the play is packed full of laughs. This is not a show that will wash over you or let you have a cheeky snooze.

Check out the trailer for a taster of what to expect:

3. The freshness

The Girl Who Fell, which is about the repercussions of a social media fuelled teenage suicide, is a play for now. The action highlights the gaps in understanding between the generations, exposing the thorniest conflicts around social media, mental health, sex and addiction. This means it's been leading to some really brilliant conversations between parents and teenagers, and has been packing a punch with both old and young.

© Helen Maybanks

4. The reviews

As well as standing ovations from our lovely audiences, we've had sixteen four and five-star reviews, with WhatsOnStage calling the show "laugh-out-loud funny … Piercing, spellbinding, poignant, powerful". Come and see why The Times called it "surprising, stimulating and touching … unusual and gripping … a unique and resonant drama".

© Helen Maybanks

5. Quick – it's ending soon!

This show must end on 23 November and tickets for the final dates are selling fast. Book now to experience a "refreshingly original" show that "will follow you home and stay in your head for days".