Making a house a home: constructing a dwelling live onstage in Geoff Sobelle's work
Surreal, modern and meta: the radical designs for a transformed version of Rossini's La Cenerentola
Bold colours and gauze walls: designing a Broadway play for a tiny space
Walmart and Texan kitchens: representing modern poverty on the set of Utility
Damning the patriarchy in an American suburban home: designing Blueberry Toast
Fragments of a man: how we pulled together poetry, music and illustration to tell the story of Caleb Femi
Acknowledging a history of movement: creating the set for Winsome Pinnock's Windrush play
Droogs, ultraviolence and the shadow of Kubrick: How we designed Clockwork Orange in-the-round
Getting into the head of a serial killer: designing the immersive Hollow Hotel
Dilapidated tenement blocks: Recreating Dublin's high street on stage for The Plough and Stars
Pig skin and scoliosis: how we created Frankenstein's creature
Demonic anglepoise lamps: how to create a dystopia using light
Rural touring: Designing a miniature lighthouse for village halls
Why the Bridge's Julius Caesar puts the audience centre stage
The challenges of designing for the floor and air in The Ramshackle House
Our set for Polka's The Snow Queen is inspired by fashion photographer Tim Walker
How designing James Graham's latest political play was a labour of love
Dragon fights and doll houses: designing the Olivier stage for Saint George and the Dragon
An epic food fight and tiny kitchen cabinets: the complications of designing Rules for Living
Pink saris and violence: How we represent the fight for women's rights on stage
Our Arabian Nights is a mirror image of London
Let's Talk About Sets: Lydia Monks on What the Ladybird Heard
Let's Talk About Sets: Becky Minto on Mark Murphy's V-TOL's Out of this World
Let's Talk About Sets: Leo Warner on An American in Paris