A week in the life of the Lorax

Dr Seuss’s famous creation gives us a look at its typical working week

Laura Caldow, Ben Thompson and David Ricardo-Pearce (Puppeteers) and Simon Paisley Day (The Once-ler)
Laura Caldow, Ben Thompson and David Ricardo-Pearce (Puppeteers) and Simon Paisley Day (The Once-ler)
© Manuel Harlan

Dr Seuss's famous creation The Lorax returns to the Old Vic after an Olivier Award-nominated run in 2015, in a show written by David Greig with music by Charlie Fink. The show is based on the famous 1971 children's book, which sees the friendly ginger creature battling against the greedy Once-ler, who is trying to cut down the trees of Paradise Valley.

As the show has its opening night tonight, we thought we'd catch up with the Lorax to see what a typical day at work involves, from everything backstage through to some pre-show grooming.

Getting something healthy in the system

TL: "It’s not easy eating green but they serve up a delicious pre-show snack down in the Old Vic's cafe!"

Some quiet time and a breath of fresh air

TL: "Gazing out of my dressing room window. My friends, the Swomee Swans would love this weather but it’s making my moustache frizzy… "

All hands on deck to open the show

TL: "Joined the box office team for a stint helping with the new E-Tickets #SaveTheTruffulaTrees"

Who you gonna call?

TL: "Caught snooping backstage searching for Olivier’s ghost"

Getting strung up before the show

TL: "Testing out the flying ropes to see if they’ll take my weight after all those green muffins."

Tinkling the ivories

TL: "Piano lessons with our genius composer Charlie Fink. In a few years, I’ll be the next Mozart!"

Getting some sound advice at the tech desk

TL: "I speak for the trees, so no harm in a little extra volume for me!"

A final pre-show groom

TL: "Bit of pampering – it’s tough work taming this tash #ShowReady!"

The Lorax runs at the Old Vic until 5 November.