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Listen to new musical number "Say the Words" from Coven, penned by Matthew Harvey

Roshani Abbey, Emma Kingston, Kayleigh McKnight and Courtney Stapleton star in the video

The artwork for "Say the Words"

Take a listen to a new musical number, "Say the Words", released in time for Halloween!

Matthew Harvey, composer said: "'Say The Words' is from an original musical I'm developing. I've been massively into 80's horror most of my life and have always felt the world could use an original musical that brings that era & style to the stage.

"The show, currently titled Coven, I think would be best described as Hocus Pocus meets Stranger Things; the story revolves around three witches who convince a young student to break the spell imprisoning them. Naturally, havoc ensues, all set to a rocking 80's soundtrack."

Appearing on the video are: Roshani Abbey (Hamilton), Emma Kingston (The Bands Visit), Kayleigh McKnight (LIFT) and Courtney Stapleton (Disney's Beauty and the Beast).

Harvey added: "The idea stemmed from my 'song ideas' note on my phone. I wrote something hilariously vague like: "Emma, Courtney, Kayleigh and Roshani belting at each other for some reason", and then was watching an old school horror film and realised the setting of these movies really matched the heightened musical style and vocal quality I was going for.

"Freddie Tapner and I worked a lot on the song to try and really nail the 80's vibe whilst keeping it firmly in the musical theatre camp; Freddie is a musical theatre encyclopaedia and certain elements like the minor third keychange and the pedally verses came from his knowledge of the genre. It's not an easy song to sing and I'm absolutely made up at the performers' vocals, they all smashed it in about one take!"

Tapner acts as musical supervisor, while the band features Harvey, Meelie Traill, Matt Whittington/ real percussion studios.

Harvey concludes: "I listened to a lot of Frank Wildhorn whilst working on this song. When it comes to gothic musical theatre, he's the godfather. I'm also a huge classic rock lover so leant heavily into that while arranging the song, possibly too much considering there are 5 electric guitars on it! You'll be able to hear hints of Kiss, ACDC even a bit of Phantom of the Opera if you listen closely enough!"