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Glenn Close on Sunset Boulevard film: 'We're ready'

Close has updated fans of the musical on its progress to the silver screen

Glenn Close
Glenn Close
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The eagerly anticipated Sunset Boulevard film is, slowly but surely, inching its way towards the silver screen.

That's the latest from star and producer Glenn Close (who will return to her award-winning role as Norma Desmond for the movie version), who spoke to Vogue earlier this week and mentioned the project.

Close admitted that the process had, like so many hundreds of others, been stymied by the pandemic, but was still very much on the cards: "We have a fantastic script. I'm starring as well as producing, so I've been in the trenches with that one. We're just waiting for an absolute green light, and I hope it'll happen in the new year because we're ready."

If production does start in 2021, a 2022 or even 2023 release may be most likely. Last we reported on it (way way back in January 2019!) shooting was initially expected in 2019, but the goalposts seem to have shifted.

Close's revelation that a script has been finalised is an exciting development, and the Oscar nominee sounds as though she will not be stopped in taking on Desmond once more: "I used to think I needed to play Albert Nobbs before I died, but now I think I need to do this. I can't really put Norma to rest until I've explored her on film, so I hope that that happens."

She's also looking forward to a new challenge: "In theatre, if you analyze the songs, some of them are very internal. It's what's going on in her head. So that, to me, will be fascinating, because how your face looks when you're singing a high note in front of a theater will look very different when you see it in close-up. To me, it'll be a great experiment."

We await further news!

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