Watch James Graham's new short People You May Know

The film examines our relationship with big data

Lydia West stars in People You May Know
Lydia West stars in People You May Know
Award-winning playwright James Graham has written a new short film, exploring data gathering and the lockdown.

Titled People You May Know, it centres on the growing influence of big data and algorithms on our day-to-day lives, and stars Lydia West and Arthur Darvill.

Directed by the FT's Juliet Riddell, it "investigates how the response to COVID-19 has accelerated the intrusion of the data state into people's private and emotional lives and what it might mean for our future."

The action centres on the interrogation of a junior barrister (West) by a data analyst from a private software firm (Darvill).

Co-producer Sonia Friedman said: "The advantages of our information age have rarely been as overt as in this extraordinary year, but as James Graham's potent and unsettling theatrical short film People You May Know makes clear, they are not without disconcerting and complicated trade-offs."