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More than half of Norwich Theatre staff at risk of redundancy

The venue has announced the sad news today

Theatre Royal Norwich
Theatre Royal Norwich
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More than half of employees at Norwich Theatre (which works across three venues at the Theatre Royal, Playhouse and Stage Two) have been told that they are at risk of redundancy.

113 of the venue's 217 staff were told their jobs may be lost, while a further 59 employees engaged on irregular zero hours contracts receiving confirmation that they will no longer receive any work.

According to the venue: "This is due to huge financial losses already incurred as a result of a prolonged period of closure due to Coronavirus and a projected period of at least another six months before the organisation can regain full scale operations, in particular before it will see large-scale productions coming back to Theatre Royal."

Last week the theatre delayed its 2020 pantomime, stating that there was simply no certainty that venues would be able to reopen in time to mount a large show.

Chief executive Stephen Crocker said: "Our staff are the lifeblood of our organisation and my team and I have done all we can to support and protect them over these past few months and will continue to do so as we explore all options through this consultation process.

"On their behalf I remain shocked and angry that the government is standing idle as an industry that has delivered so much to this country and is so vital to its recovery is being allowed to fade into dust. I will continue to fight hard for our staff, our theatres and our whole industry but this is an incredibly dark day for us and for arts and culture in Norwich, Norfolk and the East of England. I am simply heart-broken."

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