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Cirque – The Greatest Show announces tour details

The show has unveiled its line-up

A photo showing a scene from Cirque, photo supplied by the production

Cirque – The Greatest Show, a blend of musical theatre and circus acts, is embarking on a major 100-date tour across the UK.

Presenting tunes from movies like The Greatest Showman, La La Land, Rocketman, and Moulin Rouge!, the line-up features the likes of contortionists, aerialists and illusionists.

The cast includes mime artist Christian Lee, aerialist Jennifer Van Gool, juggler, quick change artist and crossbow wielder Thomas Barrandon, skaters Duo Eclipse, cyr wheeler Billy George, fire performer Adam Boom, alongside vocalists Max Fox, Robbie Waugh, Wesley Bromley, Tori Murray, Nikita Coulon and Jamie Long.

Dancers are Dione Hassell, Shonagh Leatherbarrow, Rhys Richards, Stephen Strain, Brogan Paris, Liam Raven, Megan Dawson and Chris Travers.

The tour kicks off tongith at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton and will travel to various cities across the UK, including Leicester, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, and many more.