Survey: Theatre Etiquette – what is acceptable?

We want to hear your views on what should be expected from theatregoers

Is this becoming an all too common sight in UK theatres?
© Mark McQuade

Following the recent story of a female audience member being ejected from a performance of The Bodyguard for singing too loudly, the debate about the apparent decline in the behaviour of theatre audiences rages on.

Some rather lofty commentators suggest that this is because the whole theatrical experience is being dumbed down and this reflects in the audience and therefore audience behaviour.

At WhatsOnStage we don’t hold with that view although we do acknowledge that it can be incredibly irritating for others when people check their phones, take photographs, chatter etc. Is it possible that standards are changing and such behaviour is now considered generally acceptable because it’s so prevalent?

We are interested in what you consider acceptable so if you can spare us a few minutes, please let us have your thoughts and opinions on theatre etiquette. We expect the results to be very interesting…

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