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Sh!t-faced Shakespeare announce casting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream revival

The boozy production is back

The new cast in Leicester Square Theatre bar, © Elliott Franks
The new cast in Leicester Square Theatre bar, © Elliott Franks

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare has announced the full cast who’ll be performing in the revival of their inaugural production at their regular drinking hole, Leicester Square Theatre.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, opening on 10 July until 7 September, will also be heading off on a UK tour later this year. The company’s central twist sees the Shakespeare classic performed while one member of the company steadily drinks themselves into a world of their own – all leading to excellently humorous results.

The full cast will be Julia Bird (Bingin’ in the Rain, A Little Night Cap) as Puck / Hermia, Natalie Boakye (2:22 – Time for a Drink?, King Beer) as Oberon / Helena, Eugene Evans (Death of an Ale Man, The Tiger Who Came for Long Island Iced Tea) in the roles of Lysander / Demetrius, Charlie Keable (The Phantom of the Opera Bar, Back to the Future: The Boozical) as Puck / Lysander, Princess Donnough (Annie Get Your Gin, Romeo and Mint Julep) as Helena / Hermia, John Mitton (The Wizard of Ouzo, Disney’s Frozen Margarita, West Cider Story) as Lysander and Demetrius, James Murfitt (Kinky Booze, Starlight Expresso Martini, A Pissedmas Carol) as Oberon / Demetrius’ Stacey Norris (Eastenders: Get In My Pub, A Chorus Wine) as Helena / Oberon, Beth-Louise Priestley (The Importance of Drinking Earnestly) as Puck / Hermia and Stephanie Simpson (The Hungover Games, A View from a Bar) as Oberon / Helena.

Following the production’s run in London, the show will tour the UK, visiting Aldershot, Stratford-upon-Avon, Southend, Swindon, Blackburn, Chester, Coventry, Wimborne, Isle of Wight, Horsham, Ipswich, Twickenham, Lichfield, Huddersfield, Middlesborough, Scarborough, Crewe, Lincoln, Newcastle, Peterborough, Yeovil, Basingstoke, Farnham, Portsmouth, Norwich, Bath, Northampton, Chelmsford, Exeter, Taunton, and Henley.

The production was originally directed and adapted by Lewis Ironside, with the new production being directed by Norris, produced by Johanna Rigg, Norris and Beth-Louise Priestley for Leicester Square Theatre, dance choreography by Beth-Louise Priestley, fight choreography by Robbie Capaldi, lighting design by Tom Williams, set design by Nicola Jones, and costume design by Lorna Jean Costumes, based on an original concept by Ironside and Chris Snelson.