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Five reasons to see Leave to Remain at the Lyric Hammersmith

Find out five reasons why this unique collaboration is an absolute must-see

© Helen Maybanks
Tyrone Huntley and Billy Cullum star in this brand new modern love story, with music by Bloc Party's Kele Okereke. Now playing at the Lyric Hammersmith, we discover five reasons why this thrilling collaboration is a must-see.

1. The Team

With music by the front man of indie band Bloc Party, direction by Robby Graham of Southpaw Dance Company fame, and writing from Matt Jones who has written for some major TV shows like Doctor Who and Mr Selfridge, Leave to Remain brings together a truly unique creative team. The result is something quite special.

2. The Music

Kele Okereke's tunes are so good you'll feel like you're in a club rather than sitting in a theatre. You can definitely hear echoes of some of Bloc Party's anthemic hits. It could be considered a musical – but not as you know it.

3. The Story

It's a really modern love story: two boys try to get married for reasons that seem wrong but might be so right for them in the end. It's exactly of its time, it's a gay drama that ends happily for once, and it could it be the world's first gay marriage musical…

© Helen Maybanks

4. The Movement

With Graham's dance background, you can expect a healthy sprinkling of slick, stylish movement sequences that beautifully and poignantly heighten the storytelling.

5. The Cast

This cast is HOT! West End fave Tyrone Huntley and Billy Cullum, who is a stage star and a singer in his own right, are a convincing young couple in a complicated relationship, and their voices soar through Kele's original, catchy tracks – which are now available to download and stream now on iTunes and Spotify!