15 stagey songs for an indoor workout

Staying inside doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your exercise – and we have punchy tunes for a perfect performance

The cast of & Juliet
The cast of & Juliet
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Spring has sprung and we are determined to keep our – and your – spirits up. Although this might be the perfect weather for a jog around the park, how about some indoor exercise?

True to form, we want to keep things theatrical, so we've selected 15 stagey songs that might inspire some indoor cardio, living room weight-lifting or even a calming balcony yoga session. What's your favourite musical tune to work out to?

1. "Physical" – Glee Cast feat. Olivia Newton-John

OK, let's start simple. Who remembers the golden days of Glee (season one… and maybe two), where Sue Sylvester and Olivia Newton-John teamed up to recreate the latter's famous 1981 hit? We can't actually remember why this happened, but know that it's great for a fabulous 80s warm-up.

2. "Shine" – Billy Elliot the Musical

Fancy something a bit more old school? We'd love to see this dance-tastic musical revived anyway, so a bedroom bop to Mrs Wilkinson's (originally Haydn Gwynne) big number is certainly enough to get the blood pumping. Bonus – you can actually join in at the beginning!

3."Time Warp" – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Talking of joining in, is there any better way to get the joints jumping than the iconic track from this 1975 cult hit? After all, it's just a jump to the left… (but bear in mind the neighbours!)

4. "96,000" – In the Heights

If you are planning a run around the block, there's no block better to visit than Washington Heights; the barrio of Lin-Manuel Miranda's multi-award-winning musical, which comes to our screens hopefully this summer. Not only does this provide a great beat to run to, but there's the added fun of singing a different part each time (maybe do that bit in your own home!) Check out the performance from the most recent West End cast at the 2016 Olivier Awards!

5. "Ten Duel Commandments" – Hamilton

We couldn't really mention Lin-Manuel musicals without selecting a song (or two!) from this huge hit. Every single tune is a banger, so you could pretty much put on the entire original cast recording for one epic workout. We obviously also recommend "My Shot"!

6. "Aquarius" – Hair

Let's switch it up a bit! For all those yoga-fanatics, Hair is the perfect "chilled" musical to energise those chakras and get the mind focused. This particular version of the well-known song will certainly provide those laid-back vibes…

7. The music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Imogen Heap

If you fancy sticking with instrumentals for a smooth-sailing yoga session, or even some meditation with the windows open and sun streaming in, the music of this global game-changer is bound to supply plenty of relaxation.

8. "Step in Time" – Mary Poppins

For those avid dancers who are missing their usual classes, you can get your tap shoes out and spin around the living room to this cheerful tune. It's a great toe-tapper and you are guaranteed to be smiling if this is your exercise choice.

9. "Don't Shoot for the Stars (Shoot Higher)" – Eugenius!

Let's ramp it up again with this feel-good tune from Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins' hugely fun musical – which is also available to stream online, by the way. It's perfect for adding that little bit of inspiration to keep your workout going when you've had enough!

10. "Sexy" – Mean Girls

If we're going for feel-good, we might as well pick this funky tune from Tina Fey's Broadway hit! Not only is it just hilarious, it has a VERY groovy beat to bop to – in fact you may as well try to copy the choreography from this brilliant clip of the show! Plus, right on theme, you can wear your best workout outfit…

11. "No Way" – SIX

Feeling like you need to throw some punches? Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss' epic monarchical musical is the source for many a solid beat, but this particular tune really gets you moving – especially with that sensational Spanish-inspired dance break!

12. "Hair, Body, Face" – A Star is Born

If you are as obsessed as us with the brand new tunes in the latest version of A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, then this song is an absolute must. Perfect for any sort of workout, it's a modern groove that sounds like a current chart-topper.

13. "Do Your Own Thing" – Bring It On the Musical

It looks like Lin-Manuel's musicals provide plenty of songs suitable for a pumping workout! You can really do your own thing with this great tune from the cheerleading musical that features the vocals of original mean girl Taylor Louderman and the Tina-tastic Adrienne Warren*

*Cheerleading moves not recommended indoors unless you REALLY want to!

14. "I Say No" – Heathers the Musical

We wish we could say no to a lot of things happening right now, but having Carrie Hope Fletcher belting in your ears is enough to fuel any difficult workout. We recommend pushing some punches with this one – but be mindful of your furniture!

15. "Confident" and "Problem/Can't Feel My Face" – & Juliet

Now let's finish up with TWO absolute corkers – because WhatsOnStage Award-winner & Juliet is packed with hits that we simply can't choose from! Obviously, "Confident" is amazing for any workout, whilst the incredible mash-up of Ariana Grande's "Problem" and The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" lends itself to one amazing beat. What more could you want?

Listen to the full list below and get your workout started:

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