The internet went into meltdown this morning when JK Rowling announced Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a stage play telling the story of the Boy Wizard pre-Hogwarts.

Whilst details of the actual plot are thin - there's rumours the story will deal with the death of his parents - we couldn't help but think who would play our favourite characters on stage.

(And yes, we know it's unlikely Hermione and Co. will feature, but we just couldn't resist)

Harry Potter - Elliot Hanna

Hermione Granger - Eleanor Worthington-Cox

Ron Weasley - Charlie Stewart

Lord Voldemort - Ben Whishaw

Severus Snape - Benedict Cumberbatch

Albus Dumbledore - Ian McKellen

Rubeus Hagrid - Nathan Amzi

James Potter - Hadley Fraser

Lily Potter - Hayley Atwell

...and these can just stay as they are please....