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Edited from seven sensational days of High Court transcripts, witness the case of Rebekah Vardy v Coleen Rooney unfold in their own words. A story stranger than fiction that blurs the boundaries of tabloid scoop, court case and soap opera, this trial explores privacy and celebrity in modern Britain whilst asking who is Davy Jones and where exactly is his locker? While the country was captivated, only a handful of people witnessed what happened behind closed doors. Now you can too.

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Running Time: 2hr 0min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: 27 May 2023


Lucy May Barker Rebekah Vardy
Laura Dos Santos Coleen Rooney
Jonathan Broadbent Hugh Tomlinson QC
Tom Turner David Sherborne
Nathan McMullen Wayne Rooney/Jamie Vardy