About This Show

Oh help, our portraits are in peril! In a spooky old house in Switzerland, every midnight, doors slam, books fall off shelves and pictures slip off the wall. Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of International Artists are summoned to put a team together to crack the case. And there’s room in their creative crew for you! You’ll be working against the clock and sometimes even against logic itself. Agent Dali is sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation, while Agent Kahlo is convinced the supernatural is at work. What’s your theory, agents? Does the old caretaker know more than he’s letting on? Just what is behind Lord Bryon’s portrait? And when will Agent Dali next get his hands on a chocolate digestive? You’ll be chasing leads and spotting clues in this highly interactive spooky adventure. Where should we search? Who should we trust? That’s up to you! Full of mystery, family-friendly spoof horror and a broad streak of quirky comedy, THE MIDNIGHT MISSION is a playable family theatre show for ages 6+ to enjoy.

Show Details

Dates: First Preview: 04 November 2023 Final Performance: 05 November 2023