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Tall Paul and Spag are two students idling away time, waiting for their A-level results. When their parents suggest they get a summer job it seems like a good idea. Before long they are humping dustbins, sweeping the roads and shovelling the shit! Is this what tomorrow’s generation of artists and writers are expected to do? Surely not! It was the summer of ’74; Labour were in power, people burnt coat and Paul and Spag are amongst the company of men; they are talking like men, avoiding work, being paid badly and discovering the joys of womankind! It certainly was one hell of a summer! But those hazy days are quick to fade; when the A-level results are announced things aren’t as straight-forward as they had imagined. Welcome to the real world. Contains strong language.

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Dates: Opening Night: 13 September 2018 Final Performance: 22 September 2018