About This Show

Shakespeare hasn’t written anything new for an age, so we thought we would give him a hand… Using his language, your audience suggestions and our overactive imaginations, ShakeItUp create a brand-new Shakespeare play live on stage, complete with live music, songs and plenty of laughs. Pick your authentic Shakespearean genre: Epic History, Romantic Comedy, or Gruesome Tragedy; choose the location of where we will lay our scene, our hero’s name, and even their day-job! Pen your wittiest Shakespearean line for our brave actors to pull from their suitably-Shakespearean breeches when they need a helping hand – the twist? They’ll have no idea what the line will be before they say it! Then sit back and watch the hilarity unfold in a totally authentic (and totally bonkers) play that Willy Shakes himself would be proud of. Expect big laughs, high drama, and a healthy dose of rhyming couplets.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: 23 May 2023 Final Performance: 25 May 2023

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