About This Show

The Gift – Smart, proud and optimistic, Souza waits longingly, impatiently, eagerly, waiting… and waiting… For what seems an eternity he walks a tightrope between passion and despair. Will it end in laughter? Or tears? The Gift is a show about love and loss, generosity and loneliness – a heart-warming tale in the great tradition of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin in which music and silence merge as passion and imagination take over. Virginia Davis’s Symposium – Anthropolo-musicologist Virginia Davis will enlighten the audience about the science, the art, the power and the beauty of music. Miss Davis presents a variety of strange instruments, glass breaking opera and exotic fire, for a delirious symphonic experience. After working with the likes of Cirque Plume and Circus Ronaldo, with this show Rachel Ponsonby has created her own musical clown universe.

Show Details

Running Time: 1hr 40min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: 02 May 2020

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