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The play follows Max, a person from London who tries desperately to understand what it might feel like to be in a situation where you have no control over the outcome. As we follow his journey we watch him ask the questions that our cast have been asked over and over again.Still Here has been developed by participants of the Stork Project, an intergenerational theatre company consisting of primarily Ukrainian families with a few brilliant recent additions from the Afghan community. It is set in a waiting room where people are sent after the excitement around the big event is over and the world seems to have moved on. Still Here invites the audience to learn, understand and continue to support causes around the world, a bit like a gentle call to action.This performance takes place at The Putney Arches, Putney Bridge Approach, London SW15 1SN

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Dates: First Preview: 21 June 2024 Final Performance: 23 June 2024
Location: General, Outer London


Outer London,

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