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When Alan’s car crashes in the middle of nowhere, he knows the bad day that started with his wife leaving him, and then finding out he isn’t the father of his little girl, can’t get any worse. Of course, it does. After trudging through the muddy countryside for hours, he comes across a Camp Site run by a rather eccentric individual and there’s only a tiny tent and one space left to camp – in-between a doggy poo bin and a rather grandiose tent, owned by Justin. Justin is everything Alan despises… a successful, positive family man with his life completely in control. Or is he? Because things are not as they seem – as the tension between them starts to reveal both character’s true selves, with hilariously unexpected consequences. Past Tents is a story of two desperate people at the end of their tent ropes, forced into each other’s company… will they find redemption, and can they ultimately change each other’s lives… or will they kill each other first?

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Dates: First Preview: 26 September 2023 Final Performance: 30 September 2023