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A wet field in Wales. Lily and Ruby are busy in the bushes, neglecting the Argos tent which is lying in a sad, muddy heap. Rosa is a sleepless mess and Sam thought this was her heartbreak getaway – if looks could kill, the lovebirds would be dead in their sleeping bags. Four women: careers in pieces, love life in the dumps, a tent that’s impossible to pitch. What better way to avoid post-graduation anxiety and push through the hellish fog of PMS than an impromptu trip to Pembrokeshire with dark clouds looming overhead? Despite desperate attempts to remain enthusiastic, the rain starts pouring and the tears follow suit. As the weather worsens and tensions heighten, it’s the perfect recipe for a storm. Remember DofE? Yeah, this is worse.

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Dates: First Preview: 11 April 2024 Final Performance: 13 April 2024