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Tinariwen are guitar-poets from the southern Sahara desert. Icons of freedom and resistance among their own people, (the nomadic Touareg of the Sahara) Tinariwen’s music teaches the world about the beauty of their desert home, the strength and dignity of the nomad and his way of life, the problems of poverty and oppression and the lack of development which continues to hamper their progress. Tinariwen’s music captured the rigours of every day life in the desert and became the soundtrack for an entire generation of exiled Touareg youth. The traditional melodies of the Touareg are transposed onto the electric guitar and mixed with blues, rock, pop, berber and Arabic influences to create a modern desert rock sound.

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Dates: First Preview: 26 August 2024 Final Performance: 26 August 2024
Location: Factory International, Manchester

Water Street,


M3 4JQ

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