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Freedom courses through a dance piece weaving together contact dance, TikTok, Afro-house and passinho. Brazilian dance group Cia Suave and Alice Ripoll wrestle with questions of freedom in a piece connecting popular dance styles from Brazil, including passinho. This piece considers the crossroads: how much is it possible to choose your path? How much can an artistic encounter change the course of a life? And what happens when a society chooses barbarism and war, and the individual finds themselves powerless? Are we really making our personal choices? The dance group’s work confronts collective settings: religions, rituals and festivities. How much does a group encourage or suppress one’s capacity of being free? What events or circumstances can change a trajectory? A meeting, a book, love, religion, the government, an opportunity? Cia Suave creates a space to pursue freedom, both for performers and the public, and the title refers to the free incorporation of elements from different dances and music, characteristic of artistic movements born after the internet.Queen Elizabeth Hall

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Dates: First Preview: 02 November 2023 Final Performance: 04 November 2023