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Can words kill? Can a radio broadcast fuel massacres? How susceptible are we to media manipulation? Rwanda, 1994. A radio broadcast sparks the most brutal genocide since the end of the Cold War. Rwandan society is swept away by the idea of eradicating a minority in the name of peace and freedom.

Twenty years on, an award-winning dramatist reconstructs a radio broadcast from RTLM using eyewitness accounts, studies, and reports of real-life events during the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda. The award-winning Hate Radio, from the ground-breaking writer and director, Milo Rau, has travelled from the Avignon Festival and the Theatertreffen, Berlin, to more than twenty countries.

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Running Time: 1hr 30min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: 19 April 2023 Final Performance: 22 April 2023


Milo Rau Director