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Enemies. Balconies. Kissing. Sausage Rolls?!?! Oh yes, Shakespeare’s epic tale of star-crossed lovers has been “Rubbished.” Sporting a national reputation – from Edinburgh Festival Fringe to collaborations with the Royal Shakespeare Company and national school tours – this all-male, all-silly, troupe present an hour of multi-rolling, wigs, water, and floppy swords. It’s Shakespeare’s most anarchic tragedy yet! Cheer as Romeo and his bearded beloved meet. Celebrate as they marry and unite their warring families, guffaw as all the while our four highly-strung performers squabble, bicker and strive to have the last laugh. Rubbish Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet is perfect, both as an introduction to Shakespeare or for even the most ardent fan of the bard – from wide-eyed schoolboy to cultured Nan and everything in between. A true family show that really is Shakespeare For All.Featuring clowning, slapstick and innovative storytelling, this accessible Shakespeare production is a perfect introduction to the works of William Shakespeare (or even theatre itself) and will have you and your little ones belly laughing in delight.

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Dates: First Preview: 27 July 2023 Final Performance: 27 July 2023
Location: St Luke's Bombed Out Church, Liverpool



L1 2TR

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