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Formed in 2016 by Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, both from the worlds of cinema and photography, The Blaze immediately made their mark when the video for ‘Virile’ was released, followed by ‘Territory’, from the EP of the same name. It was a multi-award-winning visual impact that’s totalled nearly 100 million views. These two videos attracted the public and critics’ curiosity alike, in particular thanks to their scenes of communion. The deep vocals, which sound like they come from the depths of the soul, adorned refined, synthetic and linear productions, always in the interest of unity. With ‘Jungle’, The Blaze continue their exploration of movement. On the album cover, the city seems to form a giant wave, being everywhere at once. Yet in the midst of this effervescence there hides the intimate stories that inspire the two musicians so much.

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Dates: First Preview: 26 April 2024 Final Performance: 26 April 2024