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Re-live the great story on-board a ship in this classic seafaring story…the sailor’s song from the crows nest is heard above; Captain Ahab’s ‘coffin tap’ tread echoes on the decks beneath. The ghosts, the doomed Pequod’s crew, rise from the hold. The harpooners recreate the horror of ‘the last great hunt’ as their voyage takes us deeper into a world of obsession, power and darkness. Music, magical visual image, and a dynamic storytelling style all combine in a ghostly performance within the atmospheric close quarters of the ship’s aft deck auditorium.

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Dates: First Preview: 23 April 2024 Final Performance: 11 May 2024
Location: Wilton's Music Hall, Inner London

1 Grace's Alleyoff Ensign Street and Cable Street,

Inner London,

E1 8JB

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