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GuyMart imagines gay hookup apps as a supermarket, where men are able to browse for and purchase their next sexual partner. We follow young and single Matt as he becomes part of GuyMart stock, hoping to find the perfect man. However, things at GuyMart are not as they seem. The show blends comical songs with fast-paced story telling, poking fun at hook-up apps and the kind of interactions they offer. However, as Matt becomes more involved in GuyMart, the show starts to reveal the destructive nature of hook-up culture, especially for young, vulnerable gay men. It’s funny, inappropriate and uncomfortable, and slowly pulls you into a strange and disturbing reality.

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Dates: First Preview: 02 November 2023 Final Performance: 12 November 2023
Location: Waterloo East Theatre, Inner London

Brad Street,

Inner London,


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